GSA - League Rules

UNIFORMS - Each Team/Player is required to be uniformed, starting with the 1st Game of the season.  Preferred that all teams have the same like jersey but it is not required.  Each jersey/shirt must have a permanently-affixed number (at least 6” inch number) visible on the back and not duplicated with any other member on the team roster.  No Tape allowed as Jersey Numbers.


ELIGIBILITY - All Participants of the GSA Softball Leagues must either sign a “Team Roster” or fill out an “Add-On” form, to be eligible to play on a designated Team.  This information is CONFIDENTIAL and only the GSA Commissioners will have access to it.


TEAM ROSTER -  ATTENTION: Coaches/Managers, this form needs to be turned in at your 1st Game to the Scorekeeper.  If the Team Roster is not completed regarding the requested information for each player, those players will be considered ineligible.


TEAM NAME needs to be listed at the Top (Please PRINT)

Players Name (Please PRINT)

Their Jersey or Shirt Number

Their DL or SSN Number

Players Signature


ADD-ONS SHEETS - ATTENTION: Coaches/Managers, you can add “New Players” to your Team throughout the Season, if they complete the “ADD-ON” form in its entirety and turn it in to your Scorekeeper - prior to your scheduled game.  If the “Add-On” forms are not completed in full regarding the requested information, this Player will be considered ineligible.


TIME LIMITS - All league games will be played with a fifty-five (50) minute time limit or 7 Innings.  If a game is tied after the time limit is expired, the game will be played to a conclusion with 1 pitch delivered to each batter plate appearance.


LINE-UP SHEETS - Each team’s lineup must be filled out and turned into the scorekeeper prior to the Umpire saying “Play Ball.”  Failure to do this will result in losing your 1st at Bat.




MINIMUM Player Count - All team must have a least nine (9) Players present in the dugout and in uniform to start a game.  If this does not occur, the Team in violation will forfeit their game.  Mixed must have 5 Females and 4 Males to start the game.  All leagues allow teams to start a game with 9 and add only a 10th player once the game clock has started.


MAXIMUM PLAYER COUNT - Each Team is now allowed to Bat up to 12 Players in their Line-Up…which gives you (2) EH’s.  Mixed must have the same number of Male and Female players.  If you drop down for an Injury or Player Ejected and you do not have a replacement Player, your Team will take an OUT each time that Player is up to Bat in the Line-Up.


NEW GAME TIME - All Games will start as scheduled. 1st Game 7:00 pm, 2nd Game 7:55 pm, 3rd Game 8:50 pm & the 4th Game 9:45 pm… depending on the number of teams listed in your division. 


5-MINUTE GRACE PERIOD - If at your designate Game Time, you do not have the minimum player count (9), the Team that’s short of players will be given a 5-Minute Grace Period.  This time will give you a few more minutes for a player to show up and play the game that’s scheduled.  The Team that’s using the 5-Minute GRAGE PERIOD will lose their 1st at Bat.  If a team does not have the minimum player count (9) present to start the Game after the 5-minute grace period, they will forfeit the game


HOME RUN RULE - All Division have a limit of (3) over the fence home runs for league play except for the Women’s Division has UNLIMITED over the fence home runs for league play.


"F" WORD - Anyone that says the "F" word will be automatically ejected.


SOFTBALLS – All Leagues will use 12” (Men’s) or 11” (Women’s) blue-stitched softballs with a COR of .40 or Classis Stamp and having a “GSA” logo stamp ball for league play.  These balls can be purchase at the Concession Stand or in the Commissioners Office (Cost:  $6.00 per ball or $65 per dozen)


PROTESTS - Any eligibility protests can be made at any time, just make sure you let the Umpires know as soon as possible and they will contact the Commissioner on Duty for verification.



RUN RULES - If you’re the Home Team and you are winning by a huge run difference, the Umpires will call “Ball-Game” if you are ahead using the margin count listed below:


20-runs after 2nd Inning

15-runs after 3rd Inning

12-runs after 4th Inning

10-runs after 5th Inning


Protecting The Pitcher Rule - A line drive will be defined as any ball when directly hit, places the pitcher into a defenseless mode and hits the pitcher or his glove that is in front of his body.  Any ball that strikes the ground first in front of the pitching area will not be included in this rule interpretation.


1st Occurrence (each team) - Dead Ball & Batter is out.
2nd Occurrence (each team) - Dead Ball & Batter is out and ejected from the game. 
3rd Occurrence (each team) - Forfeiture of the game.


FLIP-FLOP RULE - In the inning when the Run Rule for that game is exceeded and the Home Team is losing, the Home Team will remain at bat and become the Visiting Team.  If the Team (new Visiting Team) does not score enough runs to reduce the run difference below the Run Rule the Game is over.  If they reduce the run difference to below the Run Rule, then the new Home Team will bat.  If they subsequently score enough runs to exceed the Run Rule the Game will be over, if they do not the Game will continue under that format.  If the situation reverses, the teams would Flip/Flop again.


COURTESY RUNNERS - One Courtesy Runner per inning (one time) may be used. The Courtesy Runner can be any player in the lineup. If the courtesy runner is still on base at the time his/her turn at bat comes up, that spot in the batting order will be an out. In the Mixed Program, any Male Player in the lineup can run for a Male OR any Female Player in the lineup can run for any Female. Note: For any program using an offensive ejection, any player who has been offensively ejected cannot become a base coach or a courtesy runner.


DISCIPLINE - The entire team is responsible for each player’s actions.  Any player ejected from a game will be out for the remainder of that game and the next game.  If a player is ejected after a game, that player will sit out the next two (2) games.  Depending upon the severity of       the situation (threats, violence or continued profanity), a player, coach or the entire team could be suspended for a longer period.


NO JEWELRY - Please remove all Watches, Rings and Earrings before you begin to play. (ONLY allowed to wear STUDS)


Due to safety concerns, at no time can a camera, audio or video device be worn or used by a player or coach on the field of play


NO PETS ALLOWED - PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY PETS into the Softball Complex.  Anyone entering the Park with a PET will be asked to REMOVE the PET from the premises IMMEDIATELY.  Please make sure that your family & friends are aware that PETS are NOT ALLOWED in the Complex at any time.  (Garland City Ordinance)


TIES / TEAM STANDINGS - If 2 or more teams are tied with the same WIN or LOST record for either: 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place at the end of each Seasons League Play, the final decision will be determined by:

1st & 2nd place team standings will result in a playoff games. 

Teams tied for 3rd place will be determined by the TOTAL runs scored during the actual season games.

The team with the highest run count will receive the 3rd Place Award.


RAINOUTS - In case of Bad Weather, please call the GSA LEAGUE RAIN-OUT LINE: (972) 738-9111:


Monday thru Friday, please call after 5:30 pm

Sundays, please call after 2:30 pm